Stores files into the backup.


mixtape-backup [<path> ...]

Performs a recursive backup of one or more <path> directories (or files). The <path> arguments are only required on the first run. Subsequent runs will reuse the previously specified paths (optionally adding new ones from the command-line).

Specific file names or subdirs may be excluded by prefixing with a - character.

Options Description
--store-all Stores copies of all files, duplicating file data
--store-modified Stores copies of modified or new files (default)
--debug Enables more output (verbose mode)
--quiet Disables normal output (quiet mode)
--backup-dir=<dir> Sets the root backup dir, instead of /backup
--mixtape-dir=<dir> Sets the mixtape dir, instead of /backup/<host>/mixtape
--help Prints help information (and quits)
--version Prints version information (and quits)

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