Lists backups and optionally the content files.


mixtape-list [<index>] [<path>]

Lists backup <index> files and optionally their content files starting with <path>. A limited set of <index> files can be specified either as an index id (e.g. @586efbc4), a named search (e.g. all, first, last) or a partial timestamp (e.g. 2017-01) with optional glob matching (e.g. 20??-*-01). When neither <index> nor <path> is specified, all is assumed. If a <path> is specified, but no <index>, then last is assumed.

The optional file <path> for listing files from the indexes. Use / to show all files. The <path> must be an absolute file path, and an initial / char will be added if missing.

Options Description
--short Prints output in shorter format
--long Prints output in longer format (default)
--system Prints output in machine-readable system format
--backup-dir=<dir> Sets the root backup dir, instead of /backup
--mixtape-dir=<dir> Sets the mixtape dir, instead of /backup/<host>/mixtape
--help Prints help information (and quits)
--version Prints version information (and quits)

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