Searches for matching files in the backup.


mixtape-search [<index>] <file>

Searches the backups for all files matching the <file> pattern. The search can be limited to one or more <index> files, either with and index id (e.g. @586efbc4), a named search (e.g. all, first, last) or a partial timestamp (e.g. 2017-01) with optional glob matching (e.g. 20??-*-01). If no <index> is specified, all is assumed.

The <file> pattern supports glob matching (e.g. /etc/**/*.sh). Avoid shell expansion of the pattern by using quotes (i.e. "pattern"). A pattern starting with / will match an absolute file path.

By default, the oldest copy of each file version (a unique sha256sum) is printed. Use --all to show all copies.

Options Description
--all Prints all file versions matched
--newest Prints the newest file versions matched
--oldest Prints the oldest file versions matched (default)
--backup-dir=<dir> Sets the root backup dir, instead of /backup
--mixtape-dir=<dir> Sets the mixtape dir, instead of /backup/<host>/mixtape
--help Prints help information (and quits)
--version Prints version information (and quits)

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