Mixtape Backup

Practical backups. The Unix toolkit way.


Mixtape is aimed at replacing tar or rsync for general backups. It automatically deduplicates and compresses files upon backup, making the backup process fast and space-efficient.

Mixtape is written in Bash, using the standard GNU/Linux toolkit (tar, awk, grep, sort, etc). This means that you can easily check, inspect or extract data from the backups using the tools already on your system.

See the full list of features for reasons to use or avoid Mixtape for your backups.


Mixtape is provided as a set of command-line tools:

Command Description
mixtape-backup Stores files into the backup
mixtape-gc Removes expired backups
mixtape-list Lists backups and content
mixtape-restore Restores files from the backup
mixtape-search Searches for matching files
mixtape-status Prints a backup status summary

Please check the backup storage structure documentation to better understand the terminology and file structure.


Mixtape backups are stored to the local filesystem. For a complete solution, the backup directory should be cloned to another server or to cloud storage (preferably as an encrypted copy). Here are some useful tools:

Alternative deduplicating backup tools exist aplenty today. At the time of writing, here are some of the most promising (in no particular order):

You should probably give one or more of the above a try before using Mixtape.